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a small, open-source game for ZX Spectrum 48/128 in classic arcade style


The GLAZX is designed as local multiplayer game and the current version only supports multiplayer for two players. The game was created as an interesting challenge and dev experience for the computer on which I played my first game sometime in 1992.

How to play

The GLAZX is a very simple action game in which the reaction speed is more important than solving puzzles or strategic planning.

The glazes are placed on a grid-like map with passable cells and obstacles, and can be moved to the right one cell. The glaz emits deadly rays. The wall prevents your moving and stops rays. Randomly bonus boxes will appear on the map with energy, additional rays and other bonus abilities. Immediately after damaging the glaz can not shoot for a while and can not be damaged again. It's called "ghost time". The winner is the glaz that destroyed all opponents.

There are several modifications of the game which can be selected in the options. "NORMAL" and "PRO" slightly different lives and rays count, and other parameters. In the "NO GHOST" there are a lot of lives and there is no ghost time. In "ONE SHOT" you have only one shot, the bonus also gives only one extra shot, but the bonuses appear frequently.

The game includes 12 maps (+ 4 secret map), 4 types of bonuses, 4 game modes, 2 special attack movements. Zx 128 version contains AY chip title music and advanced sound effects.

Bonus boxes

  • Live - adds 1 life.
  • Ammo - refills ammo. Adds 5 rays.
  • Super ghost time - adds 10 sec. The glaz can shoot during the super ghost time.
  • Rocket Sight - adds 1 shot of instant death ray, it is impossible to avoid this rocket ray.

Special moves

  • Curved ray - the glaz can turn the ray after the shot. Press and hold Fire + move in the any direction except forward.
  • Fast ray - the glaz can emit a super fast ray. Wherein the hit probability is 50%. Also with a 50% probability the ray can go through the wall. Press and hold Fire + forward direction move. (in the same direction the shot was made)

Keyboard control

  • GLAZ 1 - W, A, S, D, F
  • GLAZ 2 - I, J, K, L, O
  • Pause game - N, Exit game - M

In the options menu you can choose the alternative control including Kempston and Sinclair joystick.


  • Idea, code and graphics: Eugeny Novikov
  • Additional art: Lorc, Delapouite, font: "I can remember" NES game, and tiles from some retro games.
  • AY title music "Red Alert! (conversion from Metal Gear game)" by WYZ
  • Beeper title music "Grandstand Theme" by Chris Cowley, some SFX by Shiru

Source code

The game is developed on С and Z80 assembler with using Z88DK dev kit and Sprite Pack / SP1 library.  Source code on GitHub.

Install instructions

  • Spectrum 128/+2/+3: to load the 128 Version select "Loader" from the main menu and press ENTER, then PLAY on tape.
  • Spectrum 48/+: to load 48 Version type LOAD "" and press ENTER, then PLAY on tape.
  • If you don’t have the hardware, you can still play it in an emulator. E.g. you can use Fuse for Windows and Linux.
  • You can also play it online using Qaop/JS or R.A.Z.E.


glazx128.tap 32 kB
glazx48.tap 32 kB

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